Dienstag, 19. April 2016

I wanna know what love is

I wanna know what love is.....
I want you to show me.....
I wanna feel what love is....
I know you can show me....

Most people think that love is scary and comes with conditions. 
They only think about the end, they might end up losing the one they love or fight or whatever. I thought like this for a long long time,too. And if we're honest: it is like that!
But most of all, love is what you make of it. Love is pure, love is exciting, love will be forever on our minds and in our hearts once we feel it. We shouldn't just think about the pain. Pain is always there when emotions are involved. But there is much more than this pain. This pain can be so bittersweet. It makes us feel alive and we should be thankful to feel such awesome and big emotions!

Love isn't just that huge feeling we have for somebody we know for a long time. 
Love can also be a little spark in our chests. Falling in love or having feelings for somebody is a kind of love,too!!! It's nothing less!!! Love can heal and love can save. Love is the ultimate goal. And we should always give love a chance. Sure, we can fall in love and then fall hard. But a very good friend of mine told me, that we would never find true love if we didn't let love in general in and also welcome the possible bad experiences and injuries (Thanks,Nini!)

I wanna tell you about a time where I felt nothing at all. I was numb and I tried my best to bury all emotions, because I was afraid of getting hurt. Emotions seemed hindering to me, they make people weak and stupid. So I decided that a dead ending concerning my emotions would be the best. I was afraid to fuck up friendships or nice encounters by putting feelings in. I didn't understand (or I didn't wanna see) that those encounters and relationships could only exist by fueling them with feelings.
I was afraid I would destroy other people with my own mental fucked-up-ness.
But I didn't only fuck up many nice things.
The worst part was that I fucked myself up even more than before and that I isolated myself from everything nice.

So how did I get out of this mess?
I just allowed love AND pain to enter my life.
Of course I got hurt. Of course I felt pain, sadness and strife.
But I also made some really important experiences that I don't wanna miss now that I'm looking back at it.

Here are some thoughts I have in mind and really wanna write down. These are my own opinions and thoughts on this topic. If you feel different about it, it is totally okay and legit. But I am glad I think the way I do.

I've never felt that way before.
Like struck by lightning...so fast and so intensive. 
Are you the one? You'll never know but right now it just feels right. 
Call me crazy.
True love isn't a fairytale. It's real. You have to kiss many frogs! But if you don't even try, you'll never find this kind of love!
What if...?
What if we were really meant to be? What if it was fate that we met? You never meet anyone by accident!! Never!!!
And if it isn't real then you at least learn from it.
Nobody said it was easy.
Reading those lines I feel more than crazy  but sometimes love is just like that! And I am glad that I was allowed to feel those intense emotions!

Always remember:
Love is the ultimate goal!

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